Bring game night
with you

The easiest way to play your favourite board games around a virtual tabletop. Play with your friends from your browser or phone.

The right game, at the right time

At a party with friends, jump into a game of Werewolf and accuse your friends of eating the villagers. At home watching TV, play a chill game of chess with your friend when you can't be together. Roll has the right game for what you're doing right now. It's not about the game, it's about the time you share around the table.

Privately social

On Roll, you can be all of your authentic selves. Share your identity across other networks, connect with new people, and Roll will keep you safe by only sharing what you want to share, at the right time.

Our identity system keeps you safe while you’re being social by letting you disclose more of your true self as your friendships deepen.

Built for creators

Script your game quickly with using a library of themeable components. Roll takes care of explaining the rules to players and guiding them through their game so your players can enjoy time with their friends without having to pull out the rulebook.

Roll is a low-code platform for building games that don’t need 20 minute rulebook reads. We take your game from print-and-play to the AppStore in hours not months.